eyebrow queen at ur service
Anonymous:  ahhh i would absolutely love to watch some youtube vids if you made them. i feel like you have such an awesome presence and you are so sweet and intelligent, not to mention gorg. plz don't feel discouraged! u rock girl!

… I LOVE YOU. :’) I really want to. I’m going to try eventually!

Anonymous:  how do you hate your lips?! I wish mine were as full as yours! PS you and george would make a hot couple

Omg hahahhaa someone asked me if I was his girlfriend at the concert.. And also I’m not sure I like that they’re full but they’re such a bad shape they’re literally just a sideways oval there’s no curve to them ugh

Anonymous:  Have you ever consider doing YouTube?

I want to but I stutter and I’m bad at talking and my camera is broken and I tried to sell it to get the one I want but it won’t sell so I’m pretty discouraged and afraid of failure right now

Anonymous:  How often do you wash your hair? I have hair that gets oily quickly and idk what to do anymore:( do you know anything

Dry shampoo is your best friend! I promise. Also washing your hair too much can strip it of natural oils and make it get greasy faster. Try not washing your hair for a few days when you don’t have to go anywhere. Sometimes it just takes some retraining of your hair!

Anonymous:  Is your dream to do celebs hair and makeup and like live in la or NYC? I feel like you'd do great at that I could see you living in la and doing all sorts of cool stuff like that with celebs.

AHHH YES ITS MY DREAM BUT IN LA OR IN LONDON AHHHH YES that’s what I plan on doing! Thank you I love this message

Anonymous:  Hey:) I know you said you graduated early but did you go to prom or anything? I'm a senior this year and my prom is next month and I haven't decided if I wanna go and I just honestly don't feel like I want to I was thinking maybe me and my friends or just a friend could do something else that entire weekend I just feel like it'll be boring and I could waste money on something more fun but idk please help me and thank you in advance

No I never went to prom I just think it would be a waste of my money. It’s literally so expensive. And I haven’t ever had an interest in going. Just do you! If you don’t want to go then don’t go. If you want to then by all means go! :) if your friends want to go and you don’t, don’t let them force you. There’s always something better to do than to do something you hate!

Anonymous:  you're so lucky you met him :'( I saw them last week and they were sooo amazing. aha but matty was reaaaaly drunk so he only stayed out for a while and george stayed out for two seconds so I didn't meet them. sigh but still sooo happy I saw them live finally

They’re so good live. Like it’s honestly so shocking that I hung out with them. They’re such good down to earth people and it was so honoring just cause they are literally my favorite artists and their music means the world to me. Never have I ever wanted a tattoo but the lyrics from my favorite song which is one of theirs WILL be on my body sometime soon. They’re amazing. I have no words. I hope you had as much fun as I did!!! I would’ve gone even if I was sitting outside listening and that’s it hahaha

Anonymous:  I love george too and your username

sigh. he was perfect

Anonymous:  at the anon about the 1975, fans are starting to get more dedicated and start coming really early and camping out, but that's crazy so I think if you arrive at like 8-10 you'll still manage to be close to the stage.


Anonymous:  Your lips are literal perfection.

I hate them wow thank you so much

Anonymous:  I think you and matty would look so cute together omg

Oh my god this is CUTE! I love George though. I was taller than Matty :(

Anonymous:  How old are you?


Anonymous:  How early do you need to get to The 1975 to get front row? And how did you meet them? :)

I got front row because they took us up to the front after we hung out with them so I’m not sure exactly but I’d say like 4+ hours!