im not adelaide kane

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your anon should check out lush if they have one near them! they have tones of great moisturizers/cleansers/soap for acne prone skin!!

True this is true

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For acne prone skin, the best cleanser for me is Spectro. 'Simple' brand has a variety of products for all different types of skin, so those also work just as well. Recently my skin has gotten really bad, and my doctor actually recommended Dove Liquid Body Soap, it's just plain soap with no chemicals:)


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FOR THAT ANON there's this neutrogena all natural cream cleanser that comes in a beige bottle and an orange cap it makes ur face feel tingly and clean but it's not harsh at all!!!! and i think the best way to see results is be patient it sucks ass but it pays off!!


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do you know a cleanser/moisturizer that's good for dry and acne prone skin? i'm a freshman so i've been breaking out from stress all week and my skin is dry af


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i just love you so much bc you're so pretty and nice and you make my heart happy haha

Omg :’) marry me

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What eyeliner do you use omg please tell me I have to know

Stila stay all day!!!

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you are soooooo hot I'm mad af

Same :(

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when you're not smiling you look so exotic and stuff, but when you smile! you look like me and my friends! and I'm like omg this is a normal girl just like me! it's so weird how people can portray themselves through a selfie. I'm 17 too! from Parisian from canada! and I always hated my face bc I have the facial structure of Reese Witherspoon... and people always point out my jawline and my chin so I never smile...but like, whatever dude. I have great eyebrows so idc anymore

OMG THIS IS THE BESF MESSAGE I love this you make me seem normal as I am normal!!! Thank u. Also. Reese W is hot as heck girl

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you are one the most gorgeous people I've ever seen tbh 😭😭😭 and your smile is the cutest thing ever

Omg I do not smile enough

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Hi i love how body positive you are and I ws wondering what your skin routine/skin products you use (sorry if you've gotten questions like these a lot) I've been struggling with acne and it's slowly going away but there's still blemishes. Also your asks make give me hope bc I've been struggling with an ED and I'm trying to take care of myself.

I have the worst skin routine like I’m truly just lucky bUT, have you been using something with salicylic acid? You can also use lemon juice to help rid your skin of scars. Also, I’m sooo so so proud of you for battling an ED. It’s very hard and I know you can do it if I did too. You’re so strong and that makes me so happy :)

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hair help!!!! I used to have purple hair for a few months then I bleached my whole head and dyed it brown, now the brown is fading to a dirty blondish color. ANYWAY. I'm so bored with normal brown hair, so I should I just dip dye the ends a pale pink color??

YAH! That’d be so cute I saw someone with that today actually and I loved it

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you are like so pretty how 😦

Idk but thank u baby boo

(Is stressed and no longer an ethereal being of light)


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