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Hi guys! Hope you are all having a very wonderful Monday today :) I’m gonna talk a little bit about one of the most raved about drug store foundations on the market right now: Revlon ColorStay 24 hour!

Durability: Now, this makeup claims to have an “up to 24 hour” wear. I’m not sure of many people who need to have their foundation stay on their face for an entire day, but if that is you then I would consider getting this foundation. I mean of course I haven’t worn it for that long of a period, but I have worn it for up to 16 hours. The wear on this foundation is very lovely, it stays put throughout the entire day of going to work or to school or both. It doesn’t cake up after a while like many foundations tend to do, but you might have to touch up a bit between your eyebrows and around your mouth, as it tends to move a little bit if you make a lot of facial expressions (set your foundation with powder in these areas as well!). 

Coverage: I’d say this is a medium to full coverage foundation as you can build it up. The matte version (seen on left, the bottle says ‘combination/oily skin’) is much thicker than the version for normal to dry skin (seen on the right). It feels a bit drier when applying to the face than the version for dry/normal skin, as you would expect. I’d be a bit more careful applying the matte version as it becomes a full coverage foundation much faster than the normal. 

Skin Types: The wonderful thing about this particular foundation is that it does come in variances for different ranges of skin types! 

  • Combination/Oily Version: I use this one and it works wonders. My skin is mostly oily throughout the t-zone and rather normal through the rest of my face. This foundation like many other foundations for combination skin is made with both silica beads, which soak up oil, and lecithin, which hydrates your skin. So while it is a matte foundation, it will not dry your face out. Apply a moisturizer throughout areas that aren’t oily before putting the foundation on. This will help counteract and balance the foundation.
  • Normal/Dry Version: This is such a good foundation if you have dry skin. It literally comes out in a very creamy, but dewy formula. It won’t make you look absolutely wet but it adds a very nice dewy, youthful glow to the face. Apply a moisturizer before this foundation if you don’t want it to highlight dry areas! 

Application: This is a very easy foundation to blend and it doesn’t sit on the skin heavily. Of course, if you apply a ridiculous amount, it will begin to feel cakey! 

Price/Location: Walmart for $9.98, Ulta for $11.99, Walgreens for $12.99. Great prices for a great foundation! These are just the places I’ve seen it at, if you guys know any where else around you it is sold, let me know and I’ll update this!

Makeup Tip of the Day: If you’re using a brush or a sponge and having problems thoroughly blending your makeup - use your fingers! While brushes/sponges are a convenient and rather sanitary way to apply your foundation, nothing can replicate the blending control you can achieve through your fingers and hands. The warmth of your skin helps control product application, allowing it blend out easily. Foundation, concealer, lip color, and even some pencils spread more easily when they are applied to the skin with body temperature. Use the tips of your fingers to apply your makeup if you want complete control over the product. Keep some hand sanitizer on your makeup counter or in your makeup bag but even better - wash your hands first! 

Hope you guys have a wonderful rest of the week and happy makeup days! :) 

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