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Sorry for the very late post, it was a busy day redecorating the house and my room and (finally) putting up the Christmas decorations! I’ll jump in pretty quickly, todays review will be on Rimmel’s Stay Matte powder.

Overview: This powder goes on very smoothly, just rub your brush on the pressed powder, tap it off, and apply! It covers very nicely over your concealer or your lid or the areas of your face that tend to get very oily throughout the day.

Application: I do not recommend caking this on. One little brush swipe for one specific area does the trick. Apply it only on places that get oily, because this powder does its job when it comes to keeping you matte. It is literally a holy grail product for oily skin. IT DOES NOT MOVE. Applying it to your entire face tends to make your skin look very dull.

Skin Types: I really do not recommend this for people with dry skin. If  you’re looking for a cheap powder to set your concealer or foundation with then I’d recommend this one. The Stay Matte is 100% for people with combination/oily skin.

Durability: Like I said before - this powder does not move. 

Price: $4.99 at Ulta and $3.97 at Walmart. I couldn’t find the prices online for drugstores such as Walgreens or CVS. 

Makeup Tip of the Day: Oily skin can turn your powder a yellow or orange tone after a period of time on the skin. Sometimes choosing a lighter shade of power will prevent this. Use an oil blotting paper before applying your powder to prevent the powder from caking up. 

Hope you guys had a great MLK day and have a beautiful week! Much love :* 

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