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Helloooo everyone, sorry for the lack of MM posts. The last few weeks have been crazy with the weather and the snow storms and whatnot. 

I’m going to review something new I bought a few days ago: Lime Crime’s Velvetine liquid to matte lip stains. I bought the color Red Velvet, which is a deep blue based red that is very similar to MAC’s Russian Red and MAC’s Ruby Woo, and I also pre-ordered Wicked (a burgundy shade) and Black Velvet (black, duh) from their Clueless Witch collection that’s making its debut on March 19. 

Due to the entire controversy over the Lime Crime/Doe Deere scandals and repackaging scams (which you can read about here), I wasn’t entirely sure that I wanted to buy this product. I’d heard so many amazing things about it though, and I was really looking for a long wear lip stick. Another thing that set me back was the price - $20 for a small tube?! I literally felt the pain in my heart when I dropped $60 on them. I took a shot though and let me tell you, I really do not regret it. 

The Velvetines are one of the most amazing products I’ve ever bought or tried. They apply smoothly, very runny though FYI (you may need a lip liner if you’re uncomfortable with applying it straight from the tube. If you don’t own a liner, apply it as best you can and then use a cotton swab thats slightly damp to clean up the edges), and dry to a beautiful velvet matte finish. The colors are SO pigmented, I actually could not believe how vivid it was just swatched once lightly on the back of my hand. They’re completely forgiving on dry, flaky lips which I naturally have. I did two tests when I first got it, I applied it first without balm underneath and then let it dry and I wore it for about 3 hours. Nothing. My lips looked literally perfect. I drank water, hot tea, ate breakfast, and even pressed my lips against the back of my hand about 20 times. I will say that after about the third hour, the inside rim of my lips started to feel a bit dry, like kind of how they feel when you wake up in the morning. I had to keep wetting my lips but the product still didn’t budge. I then tried again the next day with balm, and it did go a little more smoothly (hahahahah). It lasted longer (about 6 hours with no touch ups) and felt much more natural. This product is very, very light so you can’t actually feel it. It just feels like your natural lips. 

Truthfully, I cannot wait for March 19. I am ecstatic to get the two new colors (especially the black, eeee) and wear them around. I’ve gotten so many compliments just in the last 2 days over how beautiful the red velvetine looks on me (seen here). 

Anyways, I highly recommend these. I know the price can be a bit scary, but if you really are into velvet finishes like I am and long wear products because you’re too lazy to keep re-applying like I am, then definitely go for it. I don’t think I’ll run out if it too soon anyways. It seems that theres a bunch packed in that little tiny matte, rosy tube - especially because a little goes a long long long looooong way with these. Let me know if any of you guys try it, I’d love to see the other colors on other people! 

Mwah, have a happy week and stay safe if you’re anywhere where the polar vortex is supposed to hit later this week. Much love. 

(product image credit to lime crime’s instagram @limecrimemakeup) 

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